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Bao Le

Boxing Glove.

Strength Training.


Meet Bao.


4 Years.

Favourite Exercise.

Dual cable triceps extension.

Favourite Snacks.

Every dessert ever. (I have a sweet tooth, obviously)

My Story.

Believe it or not I never had the intention of becoming  Personal Trainer but fate intervened and I made one of the best decisions of my life. My journey began with trying to join the Australian Defence Force, after being knocked back a few times I realised I had to train harder than ever to make it! This sparked my love for training. I fell in love with the idea of improving your body through dedication and work. This new found glory set me on the path to becoming a Personal Trainer, I set out to break down limits for those who lacked self-belief and confidence.

On my journey I’ve become more than just a Personal Trainer, I became a Coach. Coaching clients towards abetter brighter future without self-doubt. I had found a passion for something I was never looking for, and recently I decided to go one step further. With the support of the U. Personal Training community I went on a weight loss journey to help me better understand my clients. Starting at 89kgs lost 16kgsin 4 months to reach an end weight of 73kgs.

Many people say it’s too late to make a change or it’s too difficult. I say, what’s the harm in trying? Breakdown your limits and you can accomplish things you never thought was possible.

Training Tip.

Aim to break down your limits not just in fitness but in life.

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