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Learn who we are and how we approach to find a better U.

We make it
About U.

Our team of fitness experts have varying skillsets that support you becoming your best self. Tailoring nutrition and training, to suit your lifestyle and needs. Making it about U. Click on the team members name for more detail on each coaches specialised skill sets.

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Our process to a better U.

Step 1.

Initial Consultation call.

When you register interest with U.PT one of our team will contact you and discuss your goals, training experience and find a coach that is suited to your needs and to help you become your best self.

Step 2.

Consultation in person at your chosen studio.

You will meet your trainer, your trainer will run through a movement assessment and a postural assessment. Based on these assessments your trainer will create a personalised training program catered for you to achieve your fitness outcome.

Step 3.

Training begins.

Your first session will be where your personal trainer takes you through the exercises in your personalised program correcting your form and technique so you learn to train correctly.

Step 4.

Continued coaching and assessment.

Weekly face to face sessions with your personal trainer to continue assessment and enhance your program as you hit your goals.

Meet the coaches.

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Team Benefits:

  • Growth.
  • Assistance.
  • Knowledge.
  • Career Progression.
  • Supportive Team.

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