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U. Personal Training Lewisham Grand Opening 9th of July! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

U.PT Services.

Personal Training.

This is the core of the U. experience: one-on-one sessions with a program tailored to you. We help you improve movement, reduce injuries, and maximise body efficiency to get the most out of life.

Strength Training.

Our strength training will create a foundation for you to be physically prepared to increase muscle mass, reduce injuries and improve your quality of life.

Nutritional Preparation.

Exercise isn’t everything. Our performance nutrition coach can help recommend strategies to guide you in finding balance, and nutrition that works for you to help you reach your goals.


Become your best self with the help of our coaches. We will guide you in the right direction helping you see changes week-to-week, month-to-month. Become the new version of U. It’s about U.

Gym & Facilities.

U. Personal Training is a very personalised experience. When you first set foot in our doors, you will have a coach help you out. We are not like other commercial gyms. You won’t be waiting around or searching for equipment, you can find it where it belongs. Our U. Personal Training community is so tight nit that everyone feels apart of the U. Personal Training family. You will feel very comfortable to train in our private U. Personal Training studio. It’s about U.

Fitted with all the latest equipment for your training needs our studio features: A 3 cell rack lifting system, 2 dedicated weight lifting platforms, Life Fitness / Hammer Strength fixed fitness equipment and Rogue cardio equipment. As well as specialist equipment in our dedicated warm up and recovery area.

To ensure an exclusive, intimate, and personalised experience U.PT has a limited membership of 250 members. The studio capacity is 20 patrons and 10 personal trainers. All access to the gym is pre booked by our dedicated booking system. No booking, no studio entry. With restricting our numbers to 20 patrons per hour we will always be COVID safe. Never too crowded and equipment always available to reach your goals.

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