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12+ years in the fitness industry from personal training, owning a gym, running a sports supplement company and teaching personal trainers.

Favourite Exercise.


Favourite Snacks.

A good ol’ protein bar.

My Story.

I grew up rebellious to fitness and was overweight even though both of my parents were professional bodybuilders. I started my fitness journey under my own accord due to an injury & weighing around 120kgs. Once I lost the weight (40+kgs) I soon increase my weight (mainly from muscle) by around 10kgs along with improving my performance/strength in the gym.

During this time I started my career in the fitness industry. I studied and tried many different training styles, eating plans, and lifestyle habits to optimize weight loss, building muscle, strength/performance not just for myself but to find what can help my clients out with their goals and how to do it (from hands-on experience).

I’ve had over 10+ years of experience helping people with their fitness transformations from people who have never trained before in a gym to experienced personal trainers looking to lose weight, build muscle, and learn more about how they can better themselves & their own clients in and outside of the gym. I love learning and keeping up to date with the latest studies in fitness and health because of this I take a very scientific approach to training, eating, and lifestyle but also believe the best plan is the plan you can enjoy and stick to the longest!

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Training Tip.

“The ‘best’ program/eating plan is the one you can stick to the longest”. “Train smarter, not harder”. “Sometimes you have to go through some hell to reach your heaven”.

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