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Michelle Pilao

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8 years experience in the industry. I have done a variety of Nutrition courses, functional, strength, hypertrophy and general preparation training.

Favourite Exercise.


Favourite Snacks.

Chilli kettle chips, yum cha, pastries and chocolate.

My Story.

My fitness journey began when I fell in love with Les Mills classes. I did my Cert 3&4 + Group Exercise course in 2012 to teach classes originally. I was too scared to train clients as I didn’t think I would train women hard enough. I had the old mentality “sweat it out, huff and puff and if you weren’t sore, you didn’t train hard enough. And! Don’t eat carbs. Carbs make you fat!”. This is over training, over shooting and an unsustainable diet at its finest!

I later came to realise that the whole idea of smashing clients just isn’t the way to go. You need a further understanding of a client’s background, lifestyle, movement patterns, injury history, medical history to determine the type of programming you will write for them. I found that I much preferred 1:1 than group training over the years and am no longer teaching classes.

Training Tip.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

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