U. PT Marrickville

Marrickville U.PT is our first gym to open its doors. The gym has been operating since 2020 and it is stacked with modern equipment and facilities. Come say hello!

Contact details.

02 4288 0884

Opening Hours.

Monday - Sunday
6am - 9pm

Where to find us.

12 Chalder St, Marrickville NSW 2204

You can find parking right in front of our venue. The entry to the complex is located at xxx...

Meet your Trainers.

Our team of fitness experts have varying skillsets that support you becoming your best self. Tailoring nutrition and training, to suit your lifestyle and needs. Making it about U. Click on the team members name for more detail on each coaches specialised skill sets.

Join now.

  • Limited spaces.
  • Accesses to all our studios.
  • 250 U. Members per studio.
  • 20 U. Members in the studio at any one time.
  • A minimum of 1 x 45min Personal Training session every week.
  • Studio access to train in your own time, at an additional fee is available for U. Members only.
  • Personal Training sessions are booked through our app.
    Access to the studio is booked through the app for non Personal Training sessions.
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